What a CITP knows. It's actually lots of stuff.

CITP Body of Knowledge

A Certified Information Technology Professional (CITP) is a CPA who is uniquely qualified to evaluate a company’s financial statements as well as their information technology systems. The CITP designation is awarded by the AICPA to CPAs with extensive experience in information technology. With a broad understanding of accounting and information technology, they are able to offer insights to businesses that a CPA or information technology professional alone cannot offer.

In order to qualify as a CITP, the CPA must develop an understanding of information technology principles and practices encompassing a wide body of knowledge across both disciplines. As a CPA.CITP, Michael Warren is recognized for his understanding of IT technology and its relationship with business accounting. This unique body of knowledge and experience establishes Mr. Warren as one of only a few CPAs who is certified to perform audits of the degree of the suitability of a service organization’s controls for storing, transmitting and protecting electronic data.

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